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Build distribution tool for SenchaCMD

Building ExtJS application with SenchaCMD takes about one minute on my 4-cores laptop. In current project we have about 20 ExtJS applications that are included into one main application (an architectural requirement). So, when I am building whole app, I should take 20-minutes coffee break. Sounds not so bad? Not after third cup :)… Read more

Bash: function converts relative file path to absolute

For converting relative path to absolute full path in scripts I use this simple function. Also it works with path which contain '~’.… Read more

How to find Raspberry Pi IP address (DHCP)

I got my first Raspberry Pi.

I do not have a display and a keyboard that make OS installation process simple. After some search, I found solution which uses preconfigured SD card using a laptop. Used NOOBS v1.5.0 with changed recovery.cmdline file.… Read more