Meeting device: hardware

This post goes through the hardware part of my “meeting device.” The device is similar to the “ON AIR” light panels at radio studios, and the idea is to light it up when the computer has a camera or microphone active.… Read more

How to animate native Electron window

This post demonstrates how to animate Electron’s native application window using native macOS API.… Read more

Drive distributed storage on Raspberry Pi

The idea was to build a storage device with an easy way to increase its capacity and with data replication. The device was built on top of Raspberry Pi with analog gauges, switches, and a display to indicate and control storage state.… Read more

Reducing Docker image size of a Node.js application

Working on a Node.js application I noticed that deploying its image sometimes takes more time then I want it to. I started digging into the problem and here are two steps to drop Docker image size down from 948MB to 79MB!… Read more

Run Jenkins in Docker container with persistent configuration

One day you realised that you lost both disks in the RAID mirror and your Jenkins has gone forever. And it is a good chance to build new robust Jenkins architecture!

This post is about Jenkins, Docker and storing Jenkins configuration on the GitHub.… Read more

Using SVG icons in ExtJs

In this issue we will figure out how to use any SVG icons in ExtJs buttons. All icons will be combined to a single sprite that injected to index.html. Example uses Google Icons set.… Read more

Testing ExtJs with Mocha.js

At least two enterprise solutions exists for testing ExtJs applications. They have rich user interface and functionality: Siesta (Bryntum) and new Sencha Test. In contrast to them, here I present small library that allows testing ExtJs application. It uses great open-source Mocha.js framework and PhantomJs for nightly builds.… Read more

Build distribution tool for SenchaCMD

Building ExtJS application with SenchaCMD takes about one minute on my 4-cores laptop. In current project we have about 20 ExtJS applications that are included into one main application (an architectural requirement). So, when I am building whole app, I should take 20-minutes coffee break. Sounds not so bad? Not after third cup :)… Read more

ExtJS 5: disable app.json caching

By default ExtJS 5 enabled cache for app.json (or I am wrong?). In some cases you get old version from browser cache, even after new build.… Read more

Make Raspberry Pi Jenkins traffic light

It is the simple instruction for javascript developers how to make physical Jenkins traffic light. This device can be good first experience with the Raspberry Pi and it is useful for controlling your build’s health!… Read more

Bash: function converts relative file path to absolute

For converting relative path to absolute full path in scripts I use this simple function. Also it works with path which contain '~’.… Read more

How to find Raspberry Pi IP address (DHCP)

I got my first Raspberry Pi.

I do not have a display and a keyboard that make OS installation process simple. After some search, I found solution which uses preconfigured SD card using a laptop. Used NOOBS v1.5.0 with changed recovery.cmdline file.… Read more