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Using SVG icons in ExtJs

In this issue we will figure out how to use any SVG icons in ExtJs buttons. All icons will be combined to a single sprite that injected to index.html. Example uses Google Icons set.… Read more

Testing ExtJs with Mocha.js

At least two enterprise solutions exists for testing ExtJs applications. They have rich user interface and functionality: Siesta (Bryntum) and new Sencha Test. In contrast to them, here I present small library that allows testing ExtJs application. It uses great open-source Mocha.js framework and PhantomJs for nightly builds.… Read more

Build distribution tool for SenchaCMD

Building ExtJS application with SenchaCMD takes about one minute on my 4-cores laptop. In current project we have about 20 ExtJS applications that are included into one main application (an architectural requirement). So, when I am building whole app, I should take 20-minutes coffee break. Sounds not so bad? Not after third cup :)… Read more

ExtJS 5: disable app.json caching

By default ExtJS 5 enabled cache for app.json (or I am wrong?). In some cases you get old version from browser cache, even after new build.… Read more