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How to animate native Electron window

This post demonstrates how to animate Electron’s native application window using native macOS API.… Read more

Drive distributed storage on Raspberry Pi

The idea was to build a storage device with an easy way to increase its capacity and with data replication. The device was built on top of Raspberry Pi with analog gauges, switches, and a display to indicate and control storage state.… Read more

Testing ExtJs with Mocha.js

At least two enterprise solutions exists for testing ExtJs applications. They have rich user interface and functionality: Siesta (Bryntum) and new Sencha Test. In contrast to them, here I present small library that allows testing ExtJs application. It uses great open-source Mocha.js framework and PhantomJs for nightly builds.… Read more

ExtJS 5: disable app.json caching

By default ExtJS 5 enabled cache for app.json (or I am wrong?). In some cases you get old version from browser cache, even after new build.… Read more

Make Raspberry Pi Jenkins traffic light

It is the simple instruction for javascript developers how to make physical Jenkins traffic light. This device can be good first experience with the Raspberry Pi and it is useful for controlling your build’s health!… Read more